Product Care

Care of Your Cyma Watch

  • Water Resistance Function:

If the words "Water Resistant" are not inscribed on the back of the watch case, then your Cyma watch does not possess water-resistant capabilities. Please be cautious and avoid getting the watch wet to prevent damage to the movement.


  • Battery (Quartz Watches Only):

When the battery is depleted, please replace it promptly to prevent damage to the movement.


  • Temperature (Quartz Watches Only):

Your watch can operate with stable accuracy under a recommended temperature range of approximately 5°C (41°F) to 35°C (95°F). Exposing the watch to temperatures as high as 60°C or 140°F (50°C/122°F for some calibres) may result in battery leakage or shorten battery life. Additionally, avoid subjecting the watch to prolonged periods of temperatures below -10°C or +14°F (some movements may be rated for -5°C or +23°F) as extreme cold weather can cause a slight time loss or gain. However, normal functioning will resume once the watch returns to normal temperatures.


  • Shock Resistance:

Minor vibrations will not affect the watch, but please be careful not to drop the watch or subject it to impacts with hard objects or surfaces to avoid damage.


  • Magnetic Fields:

Strong magnetic fields can interfere with the normal operation of the watch. Therefore, keep the watch away from magnetic substances. (Quartz watches will resume normal operation once removed from the magnetic field.)


  • Chemicals:

Please avoid your Cyma watch having any contact with solvents (including alcohol and gasoline), cosmetic sprays, detergents, adhesives, or paint. It is essential to be aware that any interaction with these materials can potentially result in unfavorable outcomes, including the fading, deterioration, or impairment of the exquisite watch case, bracelet, or strap.


  • Care for the Watch Case and Bracelet:

To prevent possible corrosion of the case and bracelet caused by dust and moisture, wipe them regularly with a soft, dry cloth.


  • Protective Film on the Case Back:

To ensure the optimum presentation of your Cyma watch, we kindly request that you remove the protective film or sticker attached to the case before its inaugural use. Failing to do so may result in the accumulation of perspiration, which could potentially lead to the case back assuming an unsightly resemblance to rust.


Maintenance and Use of Automatic Mechanical Watches

  • When initiating the use of your Cyma watch for the first time or after a period of inactivity lasting two days, please turn the crown 10 times to commence its operation smoothly.
  • To ensure optimal precision, we advise wearing the watch for a minimum of eight hours during each use.
  • In cases where the natural motion of your wrist is insufficient to maintain consistent operation of the watch, you may regenerate the power of movement by winding the crown 10 times or gently swaying the watch from side to side for approximately one minute.
  • When you are not using your watch for a long period of time, you should wind it once a month to prevent the lubricants congealing.
  • Keep the watch away from magnetic fields or magnetic objects.
  • The accuracy of the Cyma watch is expected to fall within a range of -15 to +35 seconds per day under normal usage conditions.
  • Avoid utilizing the quick date-setting mode between the hours of 9 PM and 3 AM, as doing so may potentially damage the calendar mechanism.
  • Avoid severe Impact or violent waving of your Cyma watch.